Oneonta’s Premiere Metal Experiece!!!

“Rick Ashby is an asshole, but he’s our kind of asshole – he knows how to turn it up to 11 and knows how to take your band from shitty bars to the best of the best!” – Marcus Carrion, Guitarist

Queen City Ramblers – Small Town Folk Heroes

“Rick Ashby has the best ear in the business, whether you strum a five-string banjo or gum a guimbard.” – John Fellowman

Cymbeline (10 weeks on the billboard charts in 1998 – music for college chicks)

“I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but if it weren’t for a chance encounter in Oneonta, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Ashby’s fine-turned ear and killer sense of taste elevates his studio above most hometown independent studios. Rick Ashby gave me my start in the business and for that I’ll always be grateful. Today, I’m proud to call him a friend. He isn’t paying me to say this, but I know I’ll probably regret it later. Take your hand off my hip, Rick.” – Cymbeline Edelman

Sid Edelman (music manager to the stars)

“I send my clients to Rick Ashby when I want to distill them down to their purest essence – when the big studios don’t know how to tease out the best from them. He’s skilled, discerning, and demands excellence from his musicians. Take your hand off my wife’s hip, Rick.” – Sidney Edelman